Mount Pleasant Man Guilty Of Domestic Violence PR’d On New Domestic Violence Charge

Franklin Mark Holmes, age 47 of Mount Pleasant, was released on personal recognizance bond (PR) for a charge of Domestic Violence 3rd Degree ($5,232.00) following his 12/11/2018 arrest. His violent history places a Charleston Municipal Court Judge’s verdict of his release into question.

Mr. Holmes’ criminal background most notably includes an August 2017 arrest centered around a Domestic Violence 2nd Degree count ($5,000.00) — he plead guilty seven months later in March 2018. Holmes’ credibility regarding this case is questionable as the Clerk of Court issued a Bench Warrant for failing to appear in court.

He accounts for another arrest — in February 2012, Holmes was jailed on three charges by Mount Pleasant Police — Narcotics Sch. I&II 1st Offense ($5,000.00), Simple Possession of Marijuana and Drinking in Public.

The case of Franklin Mark Holmes is another in the saga of the Bail Reform agenda that has rippled in Charleston and throughout the nation. The State of California plans to decimate the Bail Bond Industry by its passage of State Bill 10 (SB10), akin to the New Jersey State Assembly’s passage of the Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act in August 2014, which went into effect in early 2017.

Charleston Jail Watch seeks to prevent similar legislative measures from becoming reality in the City of Charleston and the State of South Carolina, as the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) seeks to fulfill the vision of their left-leaning financier — the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation — similar to the John Arnold Foundation’s advancement of New Jersey’s elimination of the Bail Industry.