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Why Charleston Jail Watch?

There is a movement sweeping the country that is quietly making victims out of criminal defendants charged with serious crimes.

Bail Reform, pretrial risk assessments, the removal of judicial discretion and "soft on crime" agenda's are slowly putting dangerous offenders back on the street with little to no supervision.

The destruction of criminal accountability is real...and right here in Pennsylvania. Reformers are bankrolling pilot counties under the guise of "fixing" our broken criminal justice system - a system no more broken than the laws that govern it.

At Charleston Jail Watch, we are exposing these dangerous programs and releases - and empowering citizens and voters with a way to engage...before it's too late..

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What You Can Do...

Lawmakers in South Carolina listen to their constituents - and they need to know the dangers of destroying accountability. It's only when citizens speak up are their voices heard.

Click on the Take Action link below to have your voice heard...with just a few simple clicks.

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Click on the Take Action Button to email your legislators and elected officials to warn them of the risks of adopting "soft on pretrial" policies that destroy criminal accountability.