Free Pass No Problem For Man With Three DUI Arrests In Just 32 Days

Imagine the consequences that a DUI-related incident can impose upon all people — women, children, and the elderly — and no backbone to hold offenders accountable, like mandating bail to get out of jail. Easy enough, right?

But not for Christopher Kleins, 64, who was arrested three separate times for DUI over a period of just 32 days. And he was still allowed to walk out of jail without paying after his most recent arrest on September 18.

Criminal Behavior

Mr. Kleinhans’ criminal record launched in October 2018 with a grand larceny arrest that the now-retired Judge Baldwin oversaw in bond court. The case was dismissed less than two months later.

Things only went south from here, as Mr. Kleinhans would be jailed four more times — starting in August 2019 for a charge of disorderly conduct.

Then three driving under the influence arrests arrived rapidly, with two resulting in get-out-of-jail free cards. They are dated August 16, September 2 and September 18, respectively.

What This Means for You

South Carolina registers more than double the national average in DUI-related fatalities across all age categories. Despite this, Charleston’s court system has created its own justice model — because the will of the people doesn’t matter, right?

We must end this — if not for us, for our children — and hold the city’s political players accountable. The degradation of accountability is watering down our criminal justice system, with crime-fighting in Charleston merely an afterthought.

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