Ravenel Man Set Free on Theft Charge Despite Two Pending Domestic Violence Charges

Morton Waring Simmons, 43, was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center on May 28, 2019 on a count of Petit Larceny $2,000 or Less. After a morning Bond Court appearance the following day, Mr. Simmons was given personal recognizance bond despite two separate and pending domestic violence charges earned within the past seven months.

Charge Information for Mr. Simmons, 05/28/2019

Mr. Simmons’ history with domestic violence began in August 2017 with his third-ever arrest on a charge of Second Degree Domestic Violence, which remains in pending status awaiting adjudication.

In early June 2018, he was arrested on a new count of Domestic Violence Third Degree alongside four Violation of County Ordinance offenses. And on June 2, 2018 he was jailed on a fresh slate of charges — including Possession of Less Than one Gram of Ice/Crack Cocaine — and was released on personal recognizance bond on all counts with a bond amount originally set at $8,570.

Only one month following Mr. Simmons’ previous arrest, he was jailed again for a Second Degree Domestic Violence charge. He was released on $5,000 bail. The arrest is also accompanied by a count of Assault and Battery Third Degree within the North Area Magistrate Court.

Marking his fourth arrest inclusive of a violent crime, Mr. Simmons was taken into custody and booked into Charleston County’s Jail on a count of Domestic Violence Third Degree — his fourth domestic violence-related offense. And a Charleston Municipal Court Judge found him a suitable candidate deserving of personal recognizance bond.

4 thoughts on “Ravenel Man Set Free on Theft Charge Despite Two Pending Domestic Violence Charges”

  1. Shame on the court system. How many chances does one get? He is my grandchildrens father. These charges reflect a pattern of behavior for many, many years.

  2. And on August 7th a meth lab blew up at his home a few short hours later my dad was overdosed by this man and an accomplice by the name of Lisa a gentleman that was also there told people that shag and Lisa had talked about it a couple of hours prior to killing him

    1. Joseph, quit the accusing. I understand your father is dead, but this is my father too which has been dead to me for years regardless if he is breathing or not. It has broken my heart to not have a father for the past few years but the point is, your father was just as guilty as being a junkie as my father is today. Why Shag is still walking and breathing after all the drugs he has done in life is beyond me, but you cant ignore the fact that your father wasn’t there doing the same stuff. I am sorry for your loss but there is no hard evidence and quite frankly, I don’t believe Shag is even smart enough to do something like that. This is the same man who mistaked an English class for an English class for Spanish speaking people and still failed… Again I am sorry and I resent the man but it won’t do you any good posting everywhere he killed your dad. I wish things could be different for both our fathers but we all know things the other doesn’t and some things just never change.

  3. I will make it my mission to see Shagg Simmons and Lisa Platt go to jail for reckless homicide and robbing a corpse…you 2 discuss me and the community….I hope you both see my child’s father every tome you close your eyes..y’all watched him die and did nothing so ya could rob him…shame on the court system…never did have any faith in the system

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