Criminal With Nearly a Dozen Convictions Shown the Door on Three Felonies

Sean Michael O’Neal, 30, of Folly Beach was arrested on September 15 on four new charges — PWID marijuana, possession of cocaine, resisting arrest and public disorderly conduct. He was released on personal recognizance bond by Summary Court Judge Richardine Singleton-Brown.

This comes on the heels of three earlier charges of breaking into auto where fuel is stored; bench warrants were subsequently issued for failed appearances in court. And Charleston City Police have placed a holding charge for burglary as a result.

A Delinquent Trail of Behavior

Mr. O’Neal has an appalling criminal record featuring notable convictions — accounting for 10 charges — from burglary to breaking into a motor vehicle in varying degrees.

But this wasn’t enough to halt Judge Singleton-Brown’s decision to “show him the door” not only once — but twice — beginning with Mr. O’Neal’s first-ever personal recognizance bond for possession of a stolen vehicle dating December 2018.

And among Mr. O’Neal’s other convictions are charges of financial card theft in 2011, and possession of meth or cocaine base in 2016. The latter is notable because of a link to a possession of cocaine offense from his most recent arrest — with a court date scheduled November 18.

Mr. O’Neal has fostered a pedigree of endless failed court appearances, indicated by a string of bench warrants and six contempt of court arrests.

Ever since his December trip to the Detention Center, Mr. O’Neal has sustained three additional arrests covering a spread of 16 charges from grand larceny and forgery to a triad of shoplifting offenses. This also accounts for two holding charges from the Charleston City Police Department — one that has been served, and one for burglary.

A Shining Example of Judicial Incompetence

Charleston’s courts have created a narrative stinging the very core of values they are supposed to embody. Judge Singleton-Brown failed miserably to conduct professional insight into Mr. O’Neal’s consistent trend of criminal activity.

It again shines the spotlight on the embattled judge, who has been the feature of nearly a dozen of our articles. This is astonishing with the poor workmanship developed by the now-departed Judge Priscilla Baldwin of the Centralized Bond Hearing Court.

Exercise your Voice

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