Two Local Women PR’d On Domestic Violence-Related Offenses On The Same Day

One convicted felon and one first-time offender were arrested on December 13th of last year on Domestic Violence related offenses; 58-year-old Angela Clarke (L), an eleven-time offender, was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center by Mount Pleasant authorities on misdemeanor Domestic Violence 3rd Degree ($5,000.00), and was released on personal recognizance bond fifteen hours later.

Angela Clarke's 12/13 charge listing.

The second woman -- 43-year-old Gina Palmer Corley (R) -- was initially incarcerated on the 13th for one count of Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature ($20,000.00), only for her to be re-arrested following PR four days later on a charge of Domestic Violence 3rd Degree ($5,000.00). To our surprise, Corley's second arrest was recommended cash bail, as her bond was posted three days later on 12/20.

Gina Corley's first arrest charge information (PR).

Corley's second arrest (12/17) charge listing.

The above information contributes to a truth we all know as universal fact -- reception of PR bond(s) does not decrease the likelihood to re-offend -- and it is proven with Corley's attainment of two Domestic Violence charges over a period of four days.

Ms. Clarke, the first woman described in this article, has been to jail on eleven separate occasions and was the subject of countless other court filings involving foreclosures, personal injury civil cases and motor vehicle accidents in Charleston County. One of her more serious offenses came in 2001, when Clarke plead guilty to a charge of Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult ($5,000.00), which required two years probation. She has been at odds with law enforcement since 1993 at the age of 33.

Clarke's plea of guilt to exploiting a vulnerable adult, 2001.

Clarke's first listed arrest in the Charleston County Inmate Search portal in June 2008 earned counts of Possession of Cocaine in the Proximity to a School and Animal at Large, with the former charge receiving probation. Clarke accounts for multiple Driving Under the Influence Offenses and two counts of Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury -- with more recent charges of DUI and Driving Under Suspension (DUS) being adjudicated following a 2009 arrest.

Both of these women come from undeniably different backgrounds, but it is obvious upon close study of a criminal's record that candidates for personal recognizance bonds are not thoroughly vetted upon selection. If our local magistrate judges would conduct themselves with precaution, perhaps the floodgates would be sealed and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's doors would be shuttered. Only in a perfect world.

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