66-Year-Old Man Charged With Harassment Free-To-Go Thanks To Charleston Bail Reform

On December 10th 2018, a repeat offender was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center on one count of Harassment 1st Degree ($10,000.00) -- to be released on personal recognizance bond the following day by Bond Court Judge Baldwin.

James C. Nimmich, a 66-year-old Sullivan's Island man, has previously been to jail on charges in similarity to harassment an additional three times (a total of five arrests) beginning in December 2009 for violating a court-ordered restraining order. Less than one year later in November 2010, he was arrested on the same charge of Violating Restraining Order -- and in 2011 for Trespassing coupled with his third count of Violating Restraining Order.

His fourth arrest is the last prior to his most recent booking and is rooted in a Bench Warrant for failing to appear in court -- comprising one count of Failure to Pay Child Support in April 2013 -- a continuation of previous court summations for spousal complaints originally filed in August 2008. Mr. Nimmich also failed to appear in November 2011 and April 2015 as Bench Warrants were ordered by the magistrate.

Proponents of Bail Reform may label Nimmich a non-threat based upon a lack of violent nature in his arrests, but his former wife may strongly disagree at such a suggestion. With multiple restraining order violations and a harassment charge under his belt, it is evident that he cares not for his potential victims, and a PR bond only suffices his behavior. Judge Baldwin has repeatedly displayed her lack of respect for women, as numerous alleged Domestic Violence offenders and convicted Sex Offenders have been released from our jail without merit.

Charleston faces an existential threat that has been woven into the seams of its court system -- inmates with similar charges as Nimmich's require space in our jail -- contrary to the frequent lie promoted by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of "low-risk, misdemeanor offenders" being the sole inmate grouping released on PR.

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One thought on “66-Year-Old Man Charged With Harassment Free-To-Go Thanks To Charleston Bail Reform”

  1. I am James C. Nimmich. You have misrepresented the number of times I’ve been arrested and implied gravity of the situation that completely does not exist. My previous issues with my ex-wife in the Family Court have been completely adjudicated and done away with. My attorney in conjunction with the state’s attorney regarding this harassment charge have both agreed that it is baseless and that a plea of a very short probation would be acceptable for the purpose of getting this quickly resolved. However, due to this baseless charge , the state will not complain with my attorney’s request that it be ruled my penalty will be time served. I demand that you remove me from your list immediately.

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